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Miami movers would like to take the opportunity to offer all of our clients great moving and packing tips that can save you time and money. Round up all of your belongings that you have no intension on keep and dispose of them. This process should be done prior to packing up your home or business. If you plan to donate certain items to charity, you will need to make all of the arrangements for pick or delivery to a center.

Get rid of all unnecessary documents that are obsolete and all junk mail. All old letters can be shredded or go straight to the recycle bin. After you have rid your home of undesirable items, you need to start gathering the moving supplies. Miami movers can supply all boxes and all packing material you will need for your move. We will also supply you with our top expert advice on do it yourself packing. For your convenience, Miami movers also offer packing and unpacking services. Our teams are fully trained to pack up your home and business without damaging you most fragile items. Contact our customer service for rates. Let Miami Movers take all of the hassle out of your next move.

You will need to color code and place labels on each box according to the room in your home. Example, living room is blue, kitchen will have yellow coding and family room is red. This coding and labeling will make things easier for our expert team of movers on your special day.
Create an inventory list of everything that you pack. You can start by packing your clothes according to the season. If it’s summer time, pack your entire winter clothing collection first. Pack up the seldom used items. If you have a small collection with many pieces, start wrapping up and packing these items as early as possible.

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