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Miami Movers are also a full service packing company. We will send out an packing expert to assess the detail of your move. They will list all of the items that need to be packed up in your home or office. Miami Packing Services will pack your furniture, kitchen cupboard contents, kitchen drawers, artwork, photographs, paperwork, jewelry and office equipment with special care.

Miami Packing Services will do partial packing services too. We are fragile packing experts. Our packing staff will safely secure and pack your breakable glassware, art pieces, collectibles, mirrors, fragile furnishings, etc. Miami Packing Services will treat your belonging with complete care.

We will dissemble any furniture, securely wrap and use padding before packing it in a box. The boxes will be labeled and sorted according to the room name. Miami Packing Services will also provide you with an estimated time on when all of the packing will be done at your home or office. The price of the service will depend on the amount of inventory that needs to be handled and packed. If you are in a rush to relocate, more staff will be needed to pack up your home.

Parents will need to make arrangements for small children and pets to ensure that are safe when the packing begins in your home. Miami Packing Services will add more expense to your moving cost, but you don’t not need to take time off from work to pack your belongings. We will pack and organized everything in a much shorter timeframe. Our service will have all of the supplies available to do the packing for you.

We will not pack anything that you will need on a regular basis. Let us take the time to plan, schedule and pack your home so you can be well rested for your relocation day. In most cases, we can pack up your home in one day.

If you prefer to do the packing yourself, Miami Packing Services can provide all of the boxes and packing material to make the job easier for you. Contact our customer service today for a free estimate.

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